Free Workouts using Resistance Bands for Strength Training

Bodylastics Resistance BandsBodylastics resistance bands are perfect for people short on cash, short on time, and short on space.  All Bodylastics bands now come with D.G.S. Anti-Snap Technology.

Save big on Complete Home Gym Systems from $28.95 to $119.95

  • 328 lbs MMA Training was $139.95 now $119.95
  • 312 lbs Mega Resistance was $129.95 now $109.95
  • 262 lbs Strong Man XT was $104.95 now $89.95
  • 202 lbs Strong Man was $91.95 now $77.95
  • 142 lbs Max Tension XT was $62.95 now $46.95
  • 96 lbs Max Tension was $54.95 now $35.95
  • 58 lbs Basic Tension was $44.95 now $28.95
  • Optional Upgrade: Chiseled DVD box set & Bonus DVD
  • FREE  Online  Workouts with purchase!

Save Cash – You don’t need a room full of expensive gym equipment to get into shape and stay that way.  Machines cost hundreds, even thousands of dollars.  Bodylastics has complete home gym systems starting at under $30.

Save Time – Traveling to and from a gym can take several hours out of your day if you don’t live near a gym.  There is no traveling involved with a Bodylastics home gym because you can workout at your home, hotel room, dorm room, virtally any where.

Save Space – Bulky equipment like weight machines and treadmills can easily dominate a room and take up valuable living space.  For starters, Bodylastics resistance bands come with their own travel bag, but you can easily tuck them into an existing drawer, closet, under the bed, or in a stylish basket.
Bodylastics Resistance Bands Mega Pack - 388 lbs of Tension

Free Live Daily Workouts

FREE live daily workouts are available to new Bodylastics customers. The same great workouts are open to everyone else for a very low monthly fee, less than the cost of a single workout DVD. There are currently 20 different workout shows for men, women, teens and beginners.

  • Chiseled – Muscle Building
  • Chiseled Cardio - Explosive Plyometrics
  • Bodylastics Toning – High Intensity Cardio
  • Eight  Pack – Nothing but Ab Workouts
  • MMA Training – Mixed Martial Arts Training
  • Pilates – Build Long Lean Muscles
  • Yoga - Intense Focus On Core and Conditioning
  • Kickboxing Workout – Intense Cardio to Shed Calories and Fat
  • TX2 – Introductory Muscle Building for Beginners
  • Baseball Workout – Improve catching, fielding, throwing and more
  • Football Workout – Become more explosive on the field
  • Treadmill, Dumbells, and a ton of quick 10-Minute Isolation Workouts

Free Workouts

Blake Kassel working out in the studio with Bodylastics resistance bands